United Way's campaign season for 2017-2018 is beginning, what does that mean for Escambia County?
United Ways across the world are often thought of solely as fundraising organizations. Through the years, United Way of Escambia County has diversified by including support and training opportunities to nonprofit partners, developing and expanding community-focused partnerships to create measurable change, advocating locally and across the state for community needs, and building strong volunteer events and programs to engage the community in meaningful service. We hope that our community knows we are more than just a fundraising organization in Escambia County!
But let's talk about fundraising for a minute.
Each year, over 290 companies and organizations make a choice to host a United Way Workplace Campaign. A Workplace Campaign Unites employees in all branches of a company, and gives them an opportunity to donate, volunteer, and speak out for causes that matter to them. The money raised from our workplace campaigns goes directly to nonprofit agencies and programs focused on creating positive change in education, health, and financial stability. 
Some of our workplaces have a jump-start to their annual campaigns by beginning before September 8th. We call this group our Pacesetters. They lead by example and build momentum for others to follow. These generous companies stand out as leaders and receive special recognition for their support at our annual Campaign Kickoff Luncheon. At the luncheon, we announce their fundraising results and release the overall goal for the 2017-18 campaign season. 
None of this would be possible without our Loaned Executives. This volunteer group serves as lead advocates by supporting companies with their workplace campaigns. They often bring new energy and excitement to the campaigns and assist with organizing materials, tours, and guest speakers. We are excited to welcome our 20 Loaned Executives to the United Way family this year! 
The truth is, United Way of Escambia County loves fundraising. We like to find every dollar we can to address the problems facing Escambia County. We like being the hand raisers and the game changers. Our Annual Campaign is one way we are able to surround our community's most critical problems and fight for the health, education and financial stability for all. 
If you are interested in your company or organization being a Workplace Campaign or enrolling as a Pacesetter, contact Kelly Jasen, Resource Director.