Partner Certification

Thank you for your interest in partnering with United Way of Escambia County (UWEC)!

If your organization is a 501c3 and would like to be considered for funding through United Way’s Community Investment (CI) process, you must first become a certified partner of UWEC by submitting all documentation requested in the Agency Certification Documentation Checklist. Once all requested information is received by UWEC, staff reviews all information to ensure that all documentation is complete and up to date.

If all documentation is up to date then, with the approval of the Board of Directors, the agency is placed on the Certified Partner list and added to the United Way Agency Directors Association (UWADA) roster.

Annual updates of key documentation (listed in the checklist) are required to remain on the UWEC Certified Partner List.


Certification Process Using Apricot

All UWEC Certified Partners are eligible to apply for program funding each year. During the first week of January, an e-mail notice of funding availability goes out to all Certified Partners announcing the availability of funds and gives the timeline for the upcoming Community Investment process. CI grant applications for program funding are made available at that time, via e-mail. Applications are due in the Apricot online portal in approximately 6 weeks (mid-February).

Click here to start agency certification process.

Below is a summary of the forms you will find on the Apricot online portal:

1. Agency Certification Checklist Form
This is the form you need to submit with the requested documents to be a United Way certified agency. Donors use the list to see who in the community has met basic requirements for good stewardship of dollars. This is one more way for you to stand out among other agencies when donors are choosing where they should invest their dollars and talent.

2. Agency Certification Agreement 
This agreement confirms that both your agency and United Way of Escambia County have the most recent documentation for your organization and that the agency has met all certification requirements. The agreement lists all requirements that partners must perform as well as all benefits your organization is entitled to as a Certified Partner of United Way. The agreement must be signed by the agency’s Board President and Executive Director as well as by the President/CEO of United Way. It will be returned to you after review of items submitted with the certification checklist.

3. Agency Support Form 
This tool is used to gather your agency’s in-kind donation and volunteer needs as well as calendar events that you would like to post on our Community Calendar. This will help us easily list all of your organization’s needs. This form must be submitted in order for your agency to receive a FREE presence on our website and for recruitment of support from United Way partners.

4. Patriot Act Compliance Letter 
In compliance with the spirit and intent of the USA PATRIOT Act and other counterterrorism laws, the United Way of Escambia County requests that each funded agency (“Organization”) certify that it is in compliance with the United Way of Escambia County and the United Way of America’s (“UWA”) compliance program.


Need Help? 

If you have any questions regarding the certification requirements or processes, please contact:

Melissa Lewis
Director of Partnership / HR
(850) 444-7120

Rebecca Cleary
Partnership Specialist
(850) 444-7148

If you have trouble accessing the Apricot online portal or encounter technical difficulties, please contact: 

Theresa George
Database Specialist
(850) 444-7037