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Pensacola’s sister city, Gero, Japan, is still recovering from extreme flooding and landslides caused by the landfall of Typhoon Prapiroon in July. Gero experienced all-time rainfall records and saw thousands of citizens seek shelter. The city of over 33,000 citizens experienced extensive damage and property loss. Following the storms, the region suffered from life-threatening heatwaves.

Life as a VISTA

Becoming a VISTA Aligns member is a unique and challenging opportunity that may not be for everyone. The modest stipend raises various challenges.  However, the benefits and personal fulfillment of serving your community outweigh those challenges in many cases.  In addition, VISTAs receive health benefits, tuition assistance, job training and professional development.

Though the program is challenging, it is equally rewarding.

2017-18 Workplace Campaign Kickoff

More than 250 community supporters joined us for our 2017-18 Workplace Campaign Kickoff. Jack Lowrey, Campaign Chair, kicked off the luncheon with a whistle blow, and declared, “It’s game time!” Lowrey continued, “Investing in our community is an important responsibility that we all share, and United Way has the scope, expertise, and influence to bring together the people and the resources to make the most of our gifts. Participating in this year’s campaign is one way we create real change in Escambia County.”