Women United Spotlight Wednesday

Women United members stand up, unite and take action on issues that hit closest to home by giving, advocating and volunteering. We are thankful to the 300 women who focus their time and service on education and early literacy in Escambia County through United Way of Escambia County's Women United. This week we wanted to shine a spotlight on Women United's Chair and charter member, Tammy Davies

Employer: Wells Fargo
Position/Title: Business Banking Manager – Emerald Coast

Tell us about yourself.  
I am a Pensacola native, attended Escambia County schools, and graduated from UWF in 1989 with a degree in Finance. I started my banking career right after graduation. My husband Robert and I have been married for 28 years and we have two sons, Colin who is 25 and Cameron who is 23.  My faith is very important to me as it provides guidance for how I live my life and it brings me so much joy. Our family has always made a priority of sharing our time, talent, and money with others! 

When and how did you first become involved with United Way of Escambia County?
I became involved with United Way in 1990. My first employer, after college, held a workplace campaign and I committed to payroll deductions. I do not remember how much I pledged, but I am certain the amount was very small!

What do you love most about United Way of Escambia County?
I love the mission of United Way of Escambia County, uniting our community and leveraging resources to improve live. Such a simple concept that has a huge impact on the most vulnerable citizens in our community.

What compelled you to join Women United?
Andrea and I met to discuss starting our local chapter and by the end of the meeting I was the Chair, and I guess technically, the first official member. I love seeing women of all ages, all income levels, and all stages of life come together to socialize and to improve lives in our community.

What is your favorite memory or event with Women United?
Definitely, our December Social putting together stockings for children in the ReadingPals Program and the “Tacky Sweater Contest”. The women were very creative and quite competitive!

What is the best advice you can offer to young women and men as they start their careers?
Always start with the “why”. Why you are asking for certain information, why you made a decision, why the company has the policy you are referencing, why you agree or disagree with someone, and so on. Conversations go so much smoother and people are more willing to cooperate when they are not trying to figure out “why”. Also, deliver bad news in person if at all possible. I believe showing up in person conveys respect for the other person and an unspoken acknowledgment that the bad news has a personal effect on them.

What activities make you lose track of time?
Spending time with my extended family and reading. I have always been a bookworm!

Who or what inspires you?
My Mother was my biggest inspiration. She passed away in March after a 14 year battle with breast cancer. She was always positive, smiling, loving, and giving - right until the very end of her life. She had many reasons, other than her health, to be bitter and selfish but she chose to live life on a better path.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
My Daddy always said, “Pay your bills on time, good credit is very important.” He was right and it is even more important today because employers, landlords, insurance companies, and many others make decisions based on a credit report.