Campaign Download Center

Welcome to the  2016-17 Workplace Campaign and the Campaign Download Center! The Download Center has many of the supplemental materials you can use for your Workplace Campaign. Before going through the step-by-step by process of hosting a great campaign, please take a look at the Campaign Coordinator Guide that can help you bring your campaign to life in 5 easy steps. If you have questions about your campaign, please contact the campaign department at 850-444-7147.

Step 1: The Basics

"The Basics" are the essential resources you need to bring your campaign to life.  Your basic materials will be delivered by your Loaned Executive.  Digital copies of these materials can be downloaded below:


     Brochure             Pledge Card                      Poster             


 Funded Programs    KIA Contest Flyer   Image Award Photo Contest


Step 2: Define Your Campaign Goals

110% Campaign

Step 3: Communicate


Host a Campaign Meeting

Show the Campaign Video

Downloadable Emails

The following email templates were designed to help you inform your co-workers about campaign activities and share valuable information about United Way of Escambia County.   Best practices indicate that 3-4 of these emails will inform, but not overburden your co-workers with email communication. Find the emails you think will inspire your co-workers. United Way encourages you to personalize these emails to meet the needs of your campaign, but please try to keep the tone of your emails authentic and conversational. 

The email templates are available to download in Microsoft Word and Outlook Exchange formats. If you have trouble downloading or need a different format, please contact


Word    Outlook


Word    Outlook


Word     Outlook


Word    Outlook


Banner Advertisements

Are you using our banner ads?  Please contact our campaign department at 850-444-7143 for any futher information.  





 Step 4: Plan Events & Incentives


Step 4: Plan EventsIncentives


Certificates for Incentives

Step 5: Wrap-Up and Turn in



New Hire Brochure          Retiree Brochure